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Term dates

Pupil attendance 

At Hope Community School, we believe that good attendance is essential to effective learning. Any absence affects the pattern of a child’s schooling and regular absence will affect their attainment and social integration with their peers. Pupils who attend regularly achieve more highly. Punctuality is equally as important. If children are late for school, they miss out on the regular morning routines and disrupt the class teaching and the learning of other children. Pupils with regular attendance and good punctuality have an easier transfer into secondary school.  It will also aid pupils when the reach the work place.

There is a direct link between pupil attendance and pupil attainment and progress. All children should aim for 97% attendance. 

See the full details of the School's Attendance Policy below. 

Term Dates 2020 - 2021

Autumn term 2020

Staff training days            Thursday 3/9/2020 – Trust Day

                   Friday 4/9/2020  - Sidcup School Day 

First pupil day                    Monday 7/9/2020

Half term                            Monday 26/10/2020 – Friday 30 /10/2020

End of term                        Friday 18/12/2020

Christmas Holiday             Saturday 19/12/2020 to Sunday 3/1/2021

Spring term 2021

Staff training day               Monday 4/1/2021

First pupil day                    Tuesday 5/1/2021

Half term                           Monday 15/2/2021 – Friday 19/2/2021

Staff training day              Monday 22/2/2020 postponed - due to COVID

End of term                       Tuesday 30/3/2021 Finish at 1.30pm

Staff training day              Wednesday 31/3/2021

Easter Holiday                   Thursday 1/4/2021 - Sunday 18/4/2021

Summer term 2021

Staff training day              Monday 19th April ( this day replaces the postponed training day from February

First pupil day                    Tuesday 20/4/2021

May Bank                            Monday 3rd May 2021

Staff training day               Friday 28/5/2021 

Half term                             Monday 31/5/2021 – Friday 4/6/2021

End of term                        Friday 23/7/2021

Summer Holiday               Saturday 24/7/2021 - Sunday 5/9/2021

Term starts for pupils on 6/9/021 

Staff training dates  Thursday 2/9/2021 – Trust Day

                                     Friday 3/9/2021 – Sidcup staff