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Parent and Pupil Views


You Said...We Did...


Twice a year we send out a survey to seek families opinions on what we do well, and what you would like us to improve on.

In our Spring Survey 2023 we were proud to see that:

  • 94% of families who responded, said they agreed or strongly agreed that their child was happy at Hope Community School.
  • 86.66% of families who responded, said they agreed or strongly agreed that they would recommend Hope Community School to other families.

Some of the positive feedback we have received includes:

"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my child's progress since starting at Hope especially with reading and writing ! I'm blown away by how far he has come in such a small space of time & that is down to having such wonderful teachers! Thank you all!"

"I feel that my child is challenged and supported and feels happy at school."

"Our children have been nurtured and taught well. We feel the staff know our children very well and encourage them to be the best they can be. The Christian ethos of the school is very important to us."

"The amount of after school clubs you offer is amazing. So much choice and variety. Keeping parents up to date via emails and/ or class dojo app. Teachers extremely approachable and I'm never felt to feel like I'm taking up too much time."

" There's an individual approach to children needs, small classes and additional support available for children, friendly community approach, availability to talk daily with teachers at drop-offs and pickups if needed."

"The teachers genuinely care & help It’s great to be able to come to lovely hats every week & see what’s going on in the school etc."


Below are some suggestions families have made and how we have responded.

You Said…

We Did…

With the Result that…

Offer more assembly/reading mornings on different days of week. A lot of things seem to be on a Friday.

We now ensure events happen across the week. Not just on Fridays!

Parents who have other commitments still have events they are able to attend – so they feel a part of their child’s learning journey.

More notice for planned activities ie special assembly’s, nativities etc

A what’s on is included in every newsletter and we take care to look ahead and include dates for special events in good time.

Families are able to plan their attendance to events in good time.

Can you send more reminders when things are happening? It’s hard to keep up with everything as a busy mum!

Increased our use of dojo for reminders and communication and introduced a new notice board outside which is updated regularly.

Families can see a visual reminder when picking up/dropping off and are kept updated when things are happening.

More options to see their work that they are doing in class.

We have now introduced termly music and art collectives and drop in sessions. With other subjects planned later this year.

Parents have been able to hear the different songs and musical pieces the children have been learning and have come in to see the children’s art work at our art gallery.

Peripatetic instrument lessons - learning an instrument is so beneficial for all children.

Introduced a new peripatetic teacher, who is now teaching piano and violin.

Children have greater opportunities to learn instruments and be exposed to the beauty of instrumental music.

An after school club would be very beneficial and maybe a breakfast club too? 

Opened a before and after school club.

Families have access to wrap around care.

Mandarin used to be taught but since COVID this has now stopped. This was one of the biggest selling points for Hope that the children learnt another language, but again, it’s stopped and not started again.

Introduced a new Mandarin teacher to the school in October – Ms Cherry.

KS2 access high quality languages teaching with a Mandarin speaking teacher.

Drama - I think there could be a bit more of an effort made.

Drama is regularly incorporated into the wider curriculum, not just English. A Drama club started in the Summer term.

Greater emphasis and time given to rehearsing and putting together productions as a class.

Children’s confidence has improved. The quality of performances given to families has been significantly improved and children’s enjoyment of drama has greatly increased.


What do our pupils say?


We asked our pupils what they like most about being at Hope Community School - here are some of their answers:

"We learn by doing fun things like making posters and working together as a class"

"We do lots of learning with art"

"The teacher adds fun things like doing drawings as well as writing"

"We do lots of running, art and science"

"The teachers!"

"Being with my friends!"

"Teachers always make the lessons fun to participate in."

"In loads of our lessons we do fun things."

"When we learn outside."

"The lessons are fun at Hope because sometimes we do fun activities but learn at the same time."