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Our Collectives

Collectives are our assemblies and are a time each day when the school community can come together.  

Collectives give us the opportunity to celebrate pupil achievements, to reflect on moral, ethical, social and topical questions. Christian ethos underpins the culture of our school and this is reflected in our Collectives where we aim to create space for children to explore and reflect on their own personal beliefs and faith in a safe place. As a school with a religious designation within the Christian faith, we present a Christian viewpoint, whilst allowing children the freedom to explore, question and seek answers for themselves. We ensure children of all faiths and no faith feel included and valued in our Collectives.

We have selected forty Christian values, many of which are shared by people of all faiths and no faith that are taught on a rolling two-year programme.  These values seek to build character and draw out the full human potential of each child.  The school is a community of practise that provides experiences in which the whole school community can consider and reflect on these values and translate this reflection into action. Our values are unpacked in our daily Collectives. In addition to this children are given opportunities to explore them in their class time, through reflective activities and by communicating the values to parents and encouraging discussion and positive reinforcement at home. Our Christian ethos is further enhanced through our Christian prayer room and the provision of pastoral support through chaplaincy.

During each Collective pupils are invited to join in with a time of prayer and, or worship. These elements of our Collectives strengthen and support the distinctive Christian values which underpin the foundations of our school, whilst celebrating the uniqueness of every child within our school community.

Collectives are lead by members of staff, pupils and our School Chaplain. 

Most Friday collectives are a a time for "Lovely Hats", when we celebrate pupils who have exemplified our Hope Values, those who have excelled in their learning and those who have contributed to the school or the wider community. 

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from Collective Worship, if this is the case, please make an appointment to meet with the School Principal.‚Äč