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Local School Council (Governing Body)

Hope Council, Sidcup

Hope Community School is part of the New Generation Schools Trust (NGST) which is a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT).  

As a MAT, there are now essentially two elements to the governance of New Generation Schools Trust (NGST) schools - local governance that is delivered on behalf of the Trust via the Hope Councils and Trust-wide governance, delivered via the board of Trustees and the Executive Team, employed on their behalf.

Hope Councils exist to challenge and support the school in delivering the vision of the Trust and to ensure each school has a distinct local identity that is relevant to and reflective of the community they serve.

Hope Councils play a vital role in ensuring that each school is true to the Trust-wide vision and unique in its local expression. We expect Council Members to commit themselves to providing support to our schools in our drive to raise standards and deliver an excellent education to all, which embodies the values of adventure, openness, creativity and excellence underpinned by a Christian ethos.  

Trust-wide governance exists to ensure that all NGST schools share the same DNA and operate in a similar way across the family of schools.  Please see here for more information about Trust wide governance.

The Council Members at Hope Community School, Sidcup are:

            •           Lynn Mason – Chair, from 21/9/2021 

            •           Sara Donnelly -  Principal

            •           Andy McGee

            •           Mary Campbell

            •          Paul Weston

            •         Robert Constable

            •         Karianne Richardson

            •        Sarah Johnson


Local Council members' attendance, register of interests and term of office can be viewed here

Please note that Lynn Mason is the Safeguarding Council Member.