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Helping your child


Helping your child 

Please find below some information you may find of use in caring and helping your child. 

Fortnite - Video Game 

You may be familiar with the popular video game Fortnite, the online shooter game. While it’s not automatically dangerous, it does carry some risks. As your children have some well-deserved rest and relaxation at home, we’d encourage you to look out for them playing this game and do what you can to keep them safe.

See the  Fortnite factsheet  below to help you do just that. It will help you to feel more informed, decide whether you’re happy for your child to play the game, and learn how to set up parental controls.

Healthy Eating 

 Hope Community School we are promoting healthy packed lunches.  You may find the Government guidance about packed lunches attached  useful.

Hope School: a nut free zone.

Please help us to keep the school a nut free zone, as we have a number of people who have severe allergies to nuts and sesame seeds. Please do not send you child to school with peanut butter or Nutella sandwiches. When families provide confectionary or cakes to celebrate birthdays, please make sure you do not send in sweets or chocolates or cakes with nuts in.

To help children with food allergies and for families to know what their child has eaten, we ask children not to share their packed lunches.