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Our vision for the school is to offer a variety of regular extra-curricular opportunities and enrichment activities during lunchtimes, after school and in the holidays. 

Some of these sessions would be for the children to attend alone and others would be for families to enjoy together with their child. We hope this will bring families together, support the learning of the adults and provide skills to enable them to support the learning of their child.  

Last year we ran an after school reading club which was well attended and a choir which has now performed at a number of concerts.  

We have a community room and a hall which will enable us to set up more clubs and groups. We would like these, as far as possible, to be available to all and so would prefer to run them through funding opportunities or volunteers. 

We are currently hoping to set up an art club and a gardening club. If you would like to get involved, have another idea or would like to support the school with an activity please contact Beth Wells. 

During the Summer holidays, Hope families are able to apply for a Gold Card to Lark in the Park, a community festival run by local Churches in Sidcup. This card provides VIP access to the children's clubs, which are provided free every afternoon for 2 weeks of the summer holiday.