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Discoverers: Year 6


Welcome to Discoverers Class!

Discovers class are taught by Mr Alexander. It is a class of year 6 children only to ensure optimal preparation for their end of year SATS and transition into secondary school. 

Children in year 6 will take National Curriculum tests in English grammar, punctuation and spelling, English reading and mathematics. The end of key stage 2 tests help to measure the progress pupils have made. These tests will be taken on set dates shown below :



Test paper

Monday 9th May 2022

English grammar, this includes their workbooks, spellings, and regular reading.

punctuation and spelling

Punctuation and grammar (including vocabulary),45 minutes


Spelling, 15 minutes

Tuesday 10th May 2022


English reading

Reading, 60 minutes

Wednesday 11th May 2022


Paper 1 Arithmetic, 30 minutes

Paper 2 Mathematical reasoning, 30 minutes

Thursday 12th May 2022


Paper 3 Mathematical reasoning, 40 minutes

At the end of the summer term you will receive test results for:

•   English grammar, punctuation and spelling

•   English reading

•   mathematics

For these subjects each child will be awarded a score. A child awarded a scaled score of over 100 is judged to have met the national standard. If a child’s score is close to 120, often over 110, they are working above the expected standard and are said to be working at Greater depth. If a child’s score is below 100, they are said to be working towards the national standard and they performed below the national expectation for their age.

As there is no test for English writing, this will be reported as a teacher assessment judgement. This is judgement will be based on your child’s work at the end of key stage 2. You will also receive a teacher assessment judgement for science.


How can you help your child demonstrate their progress and attainment in May 2022?

a.       Encourage your child to be active in their learning at school and home and to persevere when they find something a challenge.

b.      Provide them with a space to do their homework which needs to be completed on a regular basis,

this includes their workbooks, spellings, and regular reading.

c.       Encourage them to read widely as this develops their vocabulary and understanding of how  grammar works. Discuss with them what they are reading, can they unpick the meaning in the words? Can they make predictions? Do they understand metaphors ? Can they infer from the text what a character might be feeling?

d.      Spellings: regularly practice these as these are the building blocks of great writing.

e.       Multiplication tables. Children need to be fluent in using these to answer arithmetic questions and be able to apply this knowledge in maths reasoning questions. They need to be able to know that 3x8 is the same 8x3, and that 24 ÷ 8 , is the same as 24 ÷3.             

f.        Ensure that they keep well by having a healthy diet and sleep pattern.

g.       Ensure your child has a good attendance and is punctual to school. 

RE Curriculum Year Six

We wholeheartedly follow the Bexley Agreed Syllabus as this reflects that the religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian, whilst taking account of the teaching and practices of the other principal religions presented in Great Britain. This agreed syllabus expects schools as a minimum to provide opportunities for pupils to be taught about Christianity and the five recognised world faiths and also explore the secular world view.  We support this inclusive approach. Read about the Year six RE curriculum here. 

On line safety and the risks of using social media.
Please support your child by being vigilant with regard to your child’s use of the Internet and in particular websites or apps which engage them in sharing images or messages. I know many of you will be aware of how quickly children can be lured into inappropriate or damaging exchanges with people over the Internet. I encourage you all to ensure that any devices your child has access to has an appropriate filtering system.   
In the autumn term, classroom staff will be revisiting the topic of online safety to further the children’s abilities to keep themselves and their friends safe whilst using digital devices and the Internet. 
As part of this process staff will use the video, “Jigsaw” created by CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection). You can view this for yourself using the following link. 10B926B058F0C0C69BDF10B&FORM=VIRE

It is obviously important that we enable the children in making sensible and safe choices when they are using the Internet. 

Moving to secondary school

Pupils can explore what going to a secondary school will be like using the above link to an on line resource.