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Christian designation

Hope Community School, Sidcup is a mainstream primary school of Christian designation, open to families of all or no faiths. We present a Christian viewpoint, whilst giving children the freedom to explore, question and seek answers for themselves. We ensure children of all faiths feel included and valued and learn about all cultures, faiths and religions.

Children are given the opportunity to participate in reflections and prayers. They may do this in our Prayer room. The Prayer room at Hope Community School is a highly interactive space with many opportunities for creative, emotional and spiritual expression that the children are able to use at lunchtime supported by our Chaplain, Rhiannon.  

The purpose of the Prayer room is to facilitate Christian prayer. The prayer room incorporates many activities that support the emotional, spiritual and subsequent overall well-being of the children. The activities cover themes such as self-esteem, forgiveness, happiness, anger, bereavement, friendship, belonging, hopes and dreams, gratitude and saying sorry.

Each classroom also has a designated prayer space which pupils can access throughout the day and as part of the reflection Collective that they have an opportunity to take part in each week. 





Rhiannon, our Chaplain recommends these websites to help you and your family: 

For guidance in caring for your family:     Care for the family

For help in dealing with the death of a loved one: The Childhood Bereavement Network

For Help and guidance when money is tight or you are facing debt. Christians Against Poverty

Our Partner Church – New Generation

The local foodbank:

Our partner in sharing the Christmas and Easter Story: Christian Resources in Bexley Schools – CRIBS