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The key driver for the curriculum is to ensure that pupils make rapid gains in their learning from their starting points; with a clear focus on mastery of skills and knowledge across the curriculum.

The targets we aspire to achieve:

  • To be graded at least Good in Ofsted inspections
  • For 100% of teaching to be good or better and 30% to be Outstanding (achieved in HCS Sidcup 2015)
  • End of EYFS: 70% of all pupils to reach a good level of development 
  • Phonics Screen Check in Yr. 1: to maintain the trend above local and national averages of the % of all pupils to achieve the expected standard 
  • End of Yr. 2: 90% of all pupils to have met expected and 20% to exceed end of year outcomes in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science
  • End of Yr. 6: 90% of all pupils to have met expected and 30% to exceed end of year outcomes and in Reading, Writing, Spelling grammar and punctuation, Mathematics and Science
  • Our expectation is that every pupil at Hope has attendance of 97% and above. When a pupil’s attendance reaches 98% it is outstanding.

We also strive to ensure that the outcome of the curriculum results in our children:

  • Becoming Independent motivated learners
  • Being Community Entrepreneurs
  • Having Increased success in Secondary Education

and our school

  • Creates a positive reputation of pupils in the area
  • Develops strong community cohesion in Sidcup

The Trust has robust procedures in place for monitoring and evaluating pupil performance. Roles and responsibilities have been delegated to the appropriate staff and we are confident that we will sustain improvement.