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A warm start to new half-term

Welcome to the new half-term; an exciting half-term with the run up to Christmas.

A busy week.  It started with an INSET, led by Mrs O`Hara and Mrs Austin on Neurodiversity, followed by a more indepth study of dyslexia.  It is important that the whole school community is a learning community and not just the children.

We have also our Parents` Evenings and Pupil Progress meetings; it is always rewarding to have these meetings and to see the progress that the pupils have made and to celebrate the children`s achievements.  I had one teacher with a tear in their eye when speaking about the successes of the children they had been teaching.  It is so rewarding to hear such stories.  I have also been impressed by the progress of the Adventurers and Pioneers in their swimming, particularly those children who had less confidence in the water when the sessions started, well done.

Next week the Adventurers and Pioneers will start sessions with an organisation called MyBnk, so help them understand money.  This will complement the sessions we have started with Enabling Enterprise.  Have a great weekend.