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Kayla wins twice

Kayla Feyita has won two different writing competitions. 

Kayla Feyita, in the Innovators class has been recognised twice by a national writing competition, organised by Young Writers. As a result, two of her compositions will appear in print.

Her entry for the Peculiar Pets completion, was a poem called “indigo Alicorn”

Her mini saga, “The Mysterious Poltergeist” will be published in the Young Writers latest book, “A Wander in the Woods- Fabulous Fiction”.

Congratulations to Kayla, we are very proud of your writing and we hope others will be encouraged to continue with their creative writing too.

Indigo the Alicorn

Indigo alicorn, fly away home,

To your dog friend Sapphire,

Already eating her chicken bone,

Or maybe drop by Gumdrop’s castle,

Where she ‘ll let you feed on her sugar blocks all the while.


Oh! All these big and boring decision you’ll have to make!

You’ll be thinking so hard, your mind will need a break!


You can watch the football match down below:

Lacazette, Ronaldo, what?

They all score!

Look, Indigo! You are falling down to the ground!


You are an alicorn,

You have your friends to catch you down.

Oh, what an adventure you’ve had!

If you told anyone about it,

For sure, they’d think you were mad!


Have some fun, you extraordinary unicorn,

And if you even think about it,

You are missing the TV shots.


The Mysterious Poltergeist

It was dark and stormy night, although my friends and I were out camping. We were having such a wonderful time! But then I heard a ghostly laugh. A few seconds later, I realised it was just my friend Leah trying to haunt us. When we’d finished toasting our marshmallows and were starting to rest, I heard leaves rustle. And then the wind howled along with an actual ghostly laugh. “Leah! Rosie! Come quickly!” I cried.

“Seriously Jessica, we’re trying to sleep!”

At that moment something, or someone, sprinted past us. Could it be a …. Ghost? Could be!