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Xie Xie to Vicki


Today we said goodbye to Miss Vicki Li, our Mandarin teacher who has been with us since September 2019. Miss Li joined us from Tsingtao, a city in the east of China, on the Yellow Sea. We would like to say thank you for inspiring our children and encouraging them to speak up.

We have particularly warm memories of Chinese New Year week when Miss Li taught children across the school and a class from Orchard Primary to make dumplings. 

We say thank you for being part of the Hope Team throughout the year and during the wider opening of the school since 1st June. We now wish Vicki a safe journey back to China. Even once she arrives back in China, she will have to wait a further two weeks before she can see her family, as she will need to go into quarantine. 

Xie Xie .